Domestic Violence Program

Need help now? Call us at (206) 461-4880 (8 AM - 5 PM PST).
Call Línea de Ayuda Paz en el Hogar/Peace in the Home Hotline in Spanish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1-888-847-7205.

Consejo’s Domestic Violence Program provides quality intervention, prevention and outreach services for monolingual Latina survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Additionally, Consejo also offers community education and outreach to ensure battered Latinas receive relevant assistance when they turn to social networks for support.

All of Consejo’s domestic violence services focus on safety planning and on empowerment of the client through reinforcing the client's autonomy and self-determination. The more information a survivor has, the more likely her choices will enhance her own and her children’s safety when dealing with intimate partner violence.

Domestic Violence Community Advocacy

Consejo's Domestic Violence Program provides one-on-one client advocacy where advocates work in partnership with the survivor to identify and address a wide variety of basic and emergent needs.  Our services include emergency assistance, obtaining emergency shelter, transportation and food during crises.  Some survivors need assistance accessing long-term, self-sufficiency resources, such as housing, medical services, ESL-classes or vocational training. 

Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy

Consejo's Domestic Violence program also provides legal advocacy in Spanish.  Advocates provide cultural mediation and translation/interpretation as needed and to ensure the survivor’s success during legal  and civil actions such as obtaining a civil protection order, filing for dissolution, establishing paternity, setting up a parenting plan or custody order, obtaining child support or immigration assistance.

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